Monday, March 30, 2009

Science Roadshow!


Today we went to the fontera science roadshow!
We watched a presentation on planet earth which was informative and it taught us about matter and how matter cycles. After that we got to play with the exhibits there was a black hole exhibit where you got to watch how a black hole works by experimenting with a marble and a funnel and there was an experiment where you had to find the right key for the lock using the clues and the way things fit together. After we played with the exhibits we watched another show about sound waves and the human hearing range!

My favourite part was experimenting with the mirrors and watching the different shapes form in the mirror.
Please leave your comments on your favourite part and your opinions on the science roadshow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Balloons over Waikato 2009

Recently at Waikato uni the balloons over Waikato took place it was fun and exciting as the evening started with well known bands playing their hearts out and then a few games to be played. The balloons started glowing at about 8:00. There was music and different balloons lighting up at different times. After the balloon festival their was a series of fireworks which were colourful and loud!!!!
Overall i enjoyed the whole festival and my favourite balloon was the ladybird because of the bold colours and the happy expression on its face!!!

If you went please leave comments on your favourite balloons!!!

The whole series of balloons,

Happy birthday balloon ,

The ladybird balloon

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Class Councillor


We found out who our class councillors are today they are: The Other Boy and The Unknown Seeker!!!Yay!!! Congratulations guys you are going to do such a great job!

Also well done to all the people who tried for class councillor, You're great!!!

Good Luck

(Class Councillors are helpful and responsible people in our class who lead assembly's do things on the classes behalf and help with any problems in the classroom!!!)



We got back from camp on Friday afternoon, It was so fun i enjoyed playing bat down on the beach and snorkeling (Although my snorkel leaked) On camp we climbed MT. Pauanui - Awesome view, Collins Drive - The cave was cool and MT. Paku that also had an amazing view!!!

The skit night was really funny our group did Dancing With The Stars it was really fun to do. Somebody went freestyle on guitar that was so cool!!!!

Group 2 (My Group) Went to Mini Golf it was so fun!!! there were 18 holes bending round corners going up and down hills and going through wind mills!!!

Overall camp was a great experience and now i know some people in room 18 a whole lot better!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009



Oh my gosh we are going on camp tomorrow i am nervous because Mr Woody is going to put bugs in our sleeping bags (AGRH) But i am looking forward to overnight (Apart from the bugs!)

I will make a more interesting camp post after camp!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Andy Warhol

In class we have to research one of our favourite artists and draw a self portrait using their style.
Andy Warhol is one of my favourite artists because he has some interesting paintings that are creative and colorful!!
Andy Warhol was the founder of Pop Art Movement and he was one of the most famous artists of the 1960's he was a filmmaker a print maker and a painter!!He turned stars into art and he always wanted to be famous ever since being a little boy, He would say: "I wanted to be art businessman or a business artist. Being good at business is the most fascinating kind of art."

I love Andy Warhol's art because it is creative,interesting and i enjoy watching his different art styles. I like the way he has taken modern items like tomato soup and turned it a beautiful piece of art!!!!

This is his most famous piece of art The Can Of Soup

This website has some really cool information on Andy Warhol check it out!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you want?


I'm sort of stuck for ideas of what to put on my blog so i was wondering what would you be interested in reading on my blog! Please comment with your ideas!

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