Monday, March 30, 2009

Science Roadshow!


Today we went to the fontera science roadshow!
We watched a presentation on planet earth which was informative and it taught us about matter and how matter cycles. After that we got to play with the exhibits there was a black hole exhibit where you got to watch how a black hole works by experimenting with a marble and a funnel and there was an experiment where you had to find the right key for the lock using the clues and the way things fit together. After we played with the exhibits we watched another show about sound waves and the human hearing range!

My favourite part was experimenting with the mirrors and watching the different shapes form in the mirror.
Please leave your comments on your favourite part and your opinions on the science roadshow!


  1. I loved the science roadshow it was so cool and I learnt a lot!!!!!

  2. I did as many of them as I could, but I was trying to solve that "Extras for Experts" thing so I didn't see a few of the exhibits, and now I wish I had seen them :(
    Your blog is really cool and I look forward to reading more stuff on it...
    Just like your large audience of Americans :)

  3. A delightful summary - well done.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it and shared specific reasons why.
    My favourite part was the big explosion because I was shocked by the force it emitted.