Friday, April 10, 2009

Traits of a quality learner.

Do you know what a successful learner does to be successful? Successful learners listen to all instructions and settle into tasks quickly and quietly. They produce high quality work to get top marks. Learners never ever stop until it is the highest standard and they are proud of what they have done and achieved! To be successful you must use the 16 habits of mind: Manage self, Using senses to learn, Persisting, Participating and contributing ETC.

WALT: To be a successful learner all throughout life.

HWIK: Your work will always be perfect in your eyes and you will learn and achieve to your full potential
Here is a picture that for me shows sucesful learning because they are all focused on what they are learning. (Sorry the picture wont upload please use the hyperlink) Quality Learning
Here are a couple of links to successful learning sites: Link 1, Link 2

(WALT = We are learning to. HWIK = How will i know)

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