Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jane Blonde Book Review

Have you read the Jane Blonde series?

It is an awesome series of books about a super spylet called Jane Blond (Female take on James Bond) It explains her adventures on her spy missions and how she gets out of telling her mum.

Her dad is the best spy in the world and is working to beat the bad guy Copernicus. He decides it is time to train his daughter in the art. Jane Blonde changes from a school girl to a super spylet....


'Until now you have been just plain old Janey Brown. But you are going to grow and grow. You will be what your parents have not allowed you to be. It's in your past. And it's in your future.There's a whole new part of you just waiting to burst out. You are Jane Blonde sensational spylet. Welcome to our world'

I rate it 4/5 a light read mainly for girls although boys may find a little interest.

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  1. that is such a cool series ive read hem and i thought they were really cool!