Friday, October 2, 2009

Blogging Challenge- Commenting WK 2

Comments I like to get on my blog include: critical comments because I like to get different peoples ideas about my blog so I can improve my blog to appeal to lots of different audiences.

I like to get comments about mistakes I have made so I can learn from my mistakes and improve from there.

I also like positive comments from people. I like people telling my the things they like about my blog!

My comments are moderated so that inappropriate comments are not published on my blog. Moderated comments are comments that get checked by the owner of the blog before they get published on the blog.

If you do not have a blogger account you can still comment on my blog. You just have to select OPENID in the profile drop list. It asks you to enter your URL and them you can comment.


  1. G'day Little Miss,
    I have just tagged you with a special post to write. I hope you enjoy doing it. I know you love music from when you registered for the challenge.

  2. Very well stated. The teacher sat my presentation will no doubt find this useful. Thank you very much!