Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging Challenge WK6 - Climate Change

Climate change affects me because it means that the younger people in generations to come won't have the opportunity to see half the animals we get to see today. They probably won't get to see the polar ice caps or research Antarctica either because for our on selfish, foolish reasons we won't stop to look at the damage we are doing by leaving the light on or not turning of the TV.

It upsets me because a lot of animals are going to die or go extinct because of climate change. The human species may even go extinct because we just cannot handle the outrageous changes climate change will make to our planet.

We could stop climate change or at least slow it down by trying to make these changes to our lifestyle. (linked in purple) Please Try!

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  1. Little Miss - Remember to put in a 'pingback', a link back to the BAD website. Just add it at the bottom, something like - I have written this post for the BAD on climate change - and link the word BAD with the URL for that site.

    Miss W.